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πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„Donny in PANTO from 4th December 2021 through to 9th January 2022 at β˜ƒοΈ β€˜The London Palladium’ πŸ‘ Yeah baby !! πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„


When this news came through last night -19th August – I will say I was totally confused ! How could Donny be performing here at The London Palladium in December in Pantoland AND be performing in VEGAS from end August ! How could he possibly be doing it all ? πŸ˜³πŸ•ΊπŸ» BUT HE IS………..!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜³

Starting Saturday 4th December for 5 weeks through to 9th January 2022 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

πŸŽ„Looking beautiful πŸŽ„

https://youtu.be/yJ8iGhTv8iE Donny Interview TODAY Monday 29th November on β€˜This Morning’ UK

ANNOUNCEMENT made Sunday 5th on Twitter….Oh Donny hope you are recovering well X

***AND Donny has a new Album β€˜Start Again’ out very soon, pre-order NOW !! πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸŽΉπŸŽ€πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽΌπŸŽΆ πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸŽΉπŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽΆπŸŽΌ http://www.donnyosmond.lnk.to/StartAgain πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽΌπŸŽΆ

What a lot of information to process that was ! ENJOY & Goodnight everybody XX

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πŸ’œMy BBC Interview for Donny’s 50th Year in Show Business Friday 10th Oct 2014 Season 6 ‘FernBrittonMeets…….’ 🎼 including a message from Fern BrittonπŸ’œ

It all started with facebook & a ‘friend request’ came through, I accepted & then a message came through from the BBC. They were researching for a programme for Donny’s 50th Year in the Business and he was to be interviewed by Fern Britton for BBC ‘FernBrittonMeets’ to be aired Sun 30th November 10am,


they had seen that I was ‘Fan of the Month’ back in 1976 in Osmonds’ World magazine, I had blogged it ! Click here to read all about it, Wow, a long time ago but still great memories.



They asked if we could speak together which was great as anything about Donny was fine with me ! We spoke next day, I was asked a few questions & then asked if I would want to speak on camera, of course, to be on Donny’s special programme, I’m thrilled to be involved. I was so excited, jumped for joy when told the girls at work, I was going to be interviewed & (hopefully) be on Donny’s programme ! I must admit I had visions of being in the room with Donny when Fern interviewed him, I can dream eh !! but the BBC came to me, which was still exciting !
I had a great time with the interview, very nervous & was lost for words (literally) on a few questions, also read some of my Diary from ‘1977 Fan Club Wondertour to USA’ which has great detail of each day especially meeting Donny for the first time at KTLA Studios watching ‘Donny & Marie Show’ (Day 5 Blog, when writing this blog I had to shorten the days’ experience as it goes into pages & pages ! ) Please see my other ‘Diary’ Blog pages and other Osmond experiences after reading this xx

First page of my Diary


Front cover of my Diary


Back cover of my Diary


Meeting Donny for first time up close on coach !



Loved talking about all the memories & so glad I wrote that diary as I wouldn’t remember such detail today !

Fern kindly gave me these words about her interview with Donny ” he was very funny, enjoyed the biscuits that were on offer, was totally focused and generous with his time ! A great interview ”
Thanks Fern x

πŸ’œHAPPY 50th YEAR in the Business DonnyπŸ’œxx

Enjoy the programme everyone, hopefully I’m included ! Read my next blog to see ! πŸ’‹πŸ‘xxx

Goodnight Everybody xx

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πŸ’•Donny & Me !! on BBC ‘FernBrittonMeets’ Sun 30th Nov 2014 Season 6 (with link to Interview😘) Enjoy !

Well, the day arrived at last, Sunday 30th November 2014 ! Such excitement as I thought ‘Am I going to be on ?’ Wow to be on a programme with Donny, felt like a dream. BUT yes it was all real ! The programme started, I was so excited but thoughts of anticipation running through me, will they, won’t they! Β  Lots of great footage was shown from the early days of the Osmonds, visiting the UK & Heathrow incident with the wall collapsing due to so many fans waiting for their arrival ! Donny spoke about his life, his faith, it was a honest, loving interview (had a little cry !) also appearing was Marie, Roger Holt – Record Producer, David Hughes – Press Officer, Tony Prince – DJ and of course Maureen – Fan Club Manager/Secretary, all giving great stories from way back, all so interesting to listen to. Then around 29 mins+ I was on, so hard to see yourself on TV ! Do I really sound like that, hehe! I appeared a few more times, the funniest clip was about ‘7UP’ cans & how I used to collect them & put them on my bedroom window sill after drinking them of course, oh dear !! Had to do it way back then, the Osmonds drank it !!! It was a fantastic experience, would I do it again, a BIG YES as any opportunity to talk about Donny & my experiences is always the best time ever, ‘as he makes me go all funny !! xx image image Watch Donny’s Interview with Fern and ENJOY! CLICK HERE TO WATCH PROG:- https://youtu.be/jC7yZajxz6o 378,000 views – put on YouTube by TERRI WILSON ) Goodnight Everybody xx @donnyosmond @fern_britton @tinamckenzie donny.com 🎢🎼

🌷OSMONDS’ WORLD Magazine No.36 October 1976


A magazine every Osmond fan bought back in 1973 (Nov ’73 Issue 1) to 1977 & maybe longer, I had mine delivered to home, could not imagine missing an edition ! One month, to be precise the August 1976 Issue, Maureen, Fan Club Secretary, wrote about a new fun thing happening in future editions, ‘Fan of the Month’. You had to write in, ( yes write & post details, remember doing that ! ) with details of yourself & include a photo, of course I had to do that ! As usual my issue dropped through the letterbox & reading through I reached Maureen’s page & there I was printed in Osmonds’ World No. 36 October 1976 Issue !!


Oh the excitement was overwhelming, sandwiched next to Donny ! What a surprise, sooo glad I wrote to Maureen ! I have of course always kept a copy, well TWO copies actually! ( must get them signed one day, eh Donny ! ) in my ‘Wondertour 1977’ scrapbook, & here I am 45 YEARS LATER blogging about it ! Then in June 2017 this happened….on Instagram πŸ†’πŸ˜‰…..YES !! (Makes my day, soooo pleased x) Thanks Donny & Nathan x

Memories to keep forever xx





NEWS FLASH: This Blog has resulted in me being contacted by the BBC to be on ‘FernBrittonMeets….DONNY(Oct/Nov 2014) Pls have a read of Blogs below & link to watch programme too X

click here for Blog 1 click here for Blog 2 inc ‘FernBrittonMeets….Donny x

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πŸ’•Donny and Marie Osmond UK Tour at the BIC January 25th 2013πŸ‘ 

Where do I start ! The day’s Friday 25th January 2013 and I’m going with my friend Jackie to BIC Bournemouth to see Donny and Marie on their UK Tour. Lots of tweets were being sent by both Donny and Marie keeping us informed of their activities which is always fun, but the added bonus with Marie was that she was running a competition via twitter for later in the show to tweet through your seat no., row and block you were seated in and screen on stage to say ‘tweet now’, she randomly would choose a winner to have 2 front row seats and backstage passes to meet both of them after – wow had to give that a go ! I prepared ahead of time, put all details into a tweet ‘draft’, after taking our seats I sent the tweet through, so did many others I’m sure!
The show began, brilliant to see them both, Marie finished her song, she started to explain about the twitter comp and announced here’s the winner ‘tina louise mckenzie’ ! Jackie and I looked at each other-jackie said she was gonna kill me!! yes we had won 2 seats in Row A ! This was the start of something truly FANTASTIC XX


We were taken down the front, Marie asked if we had made it down ok, so I thanked her and shook her hand ! It was a brilliant brilliant concert, we have never been in Row A before !

2013-01-25 20.47.11-1

2013-01-25 20.25.28-1

They are incredible, so wonderful, could watch them all day every day!
During the interval we were shown around backstage, had photos taken on stage, introduced to everyone ( not D and M), and led back to our seats, all the team were so nice.

2013-01-25 20.59.29


The brilliant show finished, we were led to wait backstage, how was I feeling, I’m not sure, already on cloud nine from beginning of day and a few clouds higher during the concert and now even higher at this stage! Donny was in his dressing room, Marie joined us. They were wonderful, had a lovely chat and photos taken, then it was time to dash!
What can I say about the experience, words fail me. It was the best evening ever thanks to Donny and Marie & all the Crew, thank you sooo much XX Will that ever happen again, Iet’s hope so ! (now 2017 UK TOUR booked!)

What can I say about this pic !



UPDATE ON 22nd April 2016:- Booked tickets for Donny’s UK TOUR in 2017 ROW C, strangely it’s at same place, month & day as this experience ! Must mean something !! XXπŸ†’πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ΅

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2013-01-25 20.47.05-1

2013-01-25 20.25.48-1







2013-01-25 20.25.28-1

More photos for you all to enjoy from Donny & Marie’s UK Tour this year, at the BIC Bournemouth.

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πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒTrip to Las Vegas October 14th-18th October 2019πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ FANTASTIC !




This trip was to CELEBRATE Donny & Marie’s 11 YEARS at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.  They are ending their Shows in November so Helen & I planned a trip before that happens !   VERY EXCITING !πŸ‘


                                              πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒFOUND THIS ON THE WALL IN THE FOYER !πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

                                 CONGRATULATIONS DONNY & MARIE XXπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί
                                            BREAKFAST WITH THE FLAMINGOS

                                 Had to wear my ‘Osmond & Co’ T-shirt in Vegas ! 
                         πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί THEN THERE WERE THREE AT MADAME TUSSAUDS ! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
                                                            WHAT CAN I SAY !πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί
                                         πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί ENJOYED TIME WITH DONNY & MARIE !! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
                                             πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί A ‘VERY SPECIAL PLACE’πŸ’ƒ

 πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Let the Show BEGIN !….πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

         PROGRAMME with STREAMERS I COLLECTED FROM THE FLOOR AFTER THE                                                                                           SHOW  !πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

DONNY & MARIE EVERYWHERE, which is how it should be.  Seeing them everywhere for a whole week was extra special !    WOW, What a BRILLIANT Time I had XX





Donny’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Outfit with the Winning Trophy, Well Done Donny

MARIE’S ‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’ OUTFIT, REACHING 3rd PLACE, WELL DONE MARIE                                20191016_145747.jpg                                    

                                 BYE BYE DONNY & MARIE, LOVED IT ALL !! XX                                                                   LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEW PROJECTS.

                                              GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY XX

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πŸ’œDay 5 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” (Shortened version due to sooo much detail on this special day, it would have gone on & on & on, I mean 30 pages long !!)

  • Day 5 Thursday 1st September 1977

Today is the SPECIAL day ! We left for KTLA Studios at 1030am, arriving around 1115am, very excited, Aydin was not on duty at the time. We bought a ‘thank you’ card for him. We walked in coach by coach passing Donny & Marie parking lots but no cars were there ! We think the green car that we saw Jay & Marie in was there.


We then walked by Studio 6 and through an entrance, up the stairs & Angela finished the first row of seating & I started the second row. Everyone piled in filling nearly all the seats. The studio seated approx 200-250 people. The Assistant Producer spoke to us, telling us about studio regulations. He asked if we knew a certain person standing in the wings on the far side from me, it was Marie. She came out to talk looking very nice with a much shorter hair cut. She asked if we had any questions, I think we were shocked about seeing an Osmond ! She then had to get ready – to put her pigtails on as she put it ! Next appeared Mr. George Osmond (Dad) and he spoke very softly. He was great, introducing his friend, Uncle Larry. Then the lovely, fantastic guy himself, DONNY. My knees went like jelly ! He looked gorgeous. ‘D’ was wearing pale green trousers with matching dark coloured & light green shirt, he also asked if we had any questions ? Just so he would look our way I shouted out “are you wearing your purple socks ?”. He was, of course ! Some girls in the next block reached out to him, he said ok, & he went to see them, they kissed his hand ! He then had to go & get ready too. He mentioned Jay & Wayne might be along, Jay having gained a few years ! He was right, behind a beard & short patchy trousers was Jay, a bit different from when we met him last time ! They both greeted us, Jay found it hard to talk through beard & it started to fall off ! They both left as first scene was in 5 mins. Merrill also appeared to say hello, looking gorgeous in black trousers & grey jumper. Rosie shouted out if he could come to see us & being the nice, lovely person he is, he came over. He asked how long are the episodes of ‘Donny & Marie Show’ in England, I told him about half hour. The first sketch was a ‘hill billy’ scene. Donny came out in a red & white spotted shirt under a black jumpsuit wearing yellow boots. His shirt did not do up so a hairy chest was on view most of the time !! Marie looked good too. She had black shorts & a shirt the same as ‘D’ with long pigtails with a red set of ribbons. The ‘Ice Angels’ had black shorts & yellow shirts with blonde wigs. I watched ‘D’ most of the time, he was fab. Donny & Marie’s part was to run out of a hut, singing and going to the swing at the side of the hut. They had to do it time after time. A funny part was when they pulled Jay from under the hut playing a banjo, his tooth was blacked out & he looked dumb ! At one point ‘D’ was sitting on the step of the hut talking to Paul Lynde during a break, I noticed his trouser leg was gradually going up & he still had purple socks on ! They started filming again & got it right this time. Every now & then Donny would wander off by himself to back of set & back again all smiles. He seemed very shy. I’m not surprised with nearly every pair of eyes in the studio on him & his every movement. Donny really dreams alot, it might have been mostly concentration. The next scene was really great. It involved D & M and their guests. ‘D’ had cream trousers & a peach jumper & hat. Marie had a checked dress on with another curly wig. After this scene was the finale. The floor was covered with squares of plastic ‘glass’. Marie had a silver dress on & ‘D’ had a lovely cream jumpsuit with silver jacket & silver bowler hat. Marie bought on their guest Paul Lynde. After several practises they decided to ‘take’. Many incidents happened but it gave the atmosphere a very cheerful, happy feeling. At the end Donny & Marie sang ‘May tomorrow be a perfect day’, they joked around & taped it twice, both times they added different things ! Donny & Marie then left to get changed. I boarded our coach & brushed my hair & put presents on my chair. Then we saw them coming – Donny, Marie, Jay, Mr Osmond. No sign of Merrill, Mary, Travis, Justin & Wayne. Coach A had them first ! Then appeared Jay, no autographs allowed !

Marie followed on behind. Ang gave her a present,


Marie took a scrapbook of letters, “is it for all the Osmonds” she asked & I said yes. Donny was next,


he went to the back first, everyone had their picture taken with him. I gave him his jumper, I was stunned for words ! “Thank you” he said with a great grin, Ang gave hers too, “It’s like christmas”. My turn for a photo with him,


we had arms around each other !! wow I shall never forget that ! Donny was sweating a bit and as I had bare arms and I put my arm under & around his waist I got a bit wet ! But it was lovely! I wish I didn’t have to wash my arm ! Donny then had to leave with arms full of presents. It was time to go & boy oh boy what a day! I had an audio recording machine playing all the time they were on the coach ! Nice to keep ! That’s another blog, Click here to have a listen ! On the way out we asked Ron to ask the driver if he would stop to hand in our thank you card to Aydin, the driver beeped & an officer came out, Ang & I banged on window as we saw Aydin in the guardhouse. At first he just looked & then was given the card & looked up again & saw us. He waved & blew a kiss ! He was great. Wow, what a day ! We travelled back stunned ! Judy, Angela’s penpal had come to see the Show & she offered to take us to the Osmonds Westwood Apartments, which was exciting. A brilliant day !

Goodnight Everybody XXX

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πŸ’—Audio Tape Recording on Coach of Marie, Jay & Donny πŸ‘« Day 5 “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977 “

I was recently having a loft clear-out weekend & I came across something VERY EXCITING ! Who remembers cassette tapes ?!! I have found original recording of Donny, Marie & Jay talking on our coach back in 1977 on Wondertour after watching D&M Show ! It’s sooo exciting ! πŸ˜‰πŸ†’


Have borrowed a tape machine to play the cassette, hope it plays OK, let’s see! Brilliant, sounds good !






And here we are 44 years later, oh dear! and many hours of transferring cassette recording to computer, editing it & putting onto SoundCloud & finally onto blog! Anyway mentioned it to Donny on Reddit Q&A last week & this was his reply:-


Haha Donny ! Some fans will be wondering what’s a tape cassette & an 8-track !! Hehe ! xx Marie ‘favorited’ on twitter too, thanks Marie xx


Have a listen, it’s a fun recording ! X https://soundcloud.com/tina-louise-mckenzie/wondertour-recording/s-rJGI0

Goodnight Everybody ! πŸ’• xx @donnyosmond @marieosmond @tinamckenzie donny.com marieosmond.com

Meeting Nathan & Sarah Osmond in London UK – August 6th 2015

I read my twitter page on the morning of August 6th & read Nathan’s tweet, he was in the UK and visiting London TODAY ! Well that was worth a trip to London, so suggested to my daughter Abbie if she fancied a shopping trip, oh and to include a meet with Nathan & Sarah X That was a yes to the shopping & come along to Westminster Abbey to keep me company and meet them. After the shops made our way to the Abbey and sat and waited & then they arrived having a Tour Guide show them around, good idea. But having travelled early that morning attending the ‘Hearing Fund UK Gala’ in Leeds, they were tired with all the Tour walking ! Abbie & I had a lovely time with Nathan & Sarah, a lovely couple. We talked for a long time and had photos taken, all very exciting.




Same to you Nathan πŸ‘

Thank you Nathan & Sarah for making this fan very happy, hope to meet again soon…. X
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πŸŒžβ›± February 2020 πŸŒžβ›± In these strange times….a different Blog….Very Special Holiday to the Maldives recently before the World Lockdownβ›±πŸŒž


β›±Strange times happening World Wide at the moment……adding another Blog but this time about a very recent fantastic fortnight holiday we’ve had in the wonderful Maldives. Luckily we arrived back home before this virus took over one of the Islands & put it into lock down. Our journey took us from Heathrow, through Sri Lanka & onto Male Maldives, then seaplane to Meedhupparu Island. We’ve been to this Island a couple of times before so knew what to expect, but the biggest change was the shape of the Island…..depending on the winds & tide it shifts the sand around, wearing it away on one side of the Island and pushing it around to another part of the Island, changing the shape all the time. Having a conversation with a Manager he told us that December was a very windy month, so this did not help the change. We had the same room we had before but the beach in front of us had completely gone, leaving the palm trees creating shade & no beach directly in front all gone ! On previous visit there was a wall around part of the Island helping to save the beach but that has now been replaced with a huge barrier in the water, the wall has been dropped into the sea. This part of the Island has a massive beach area at the moment, I suppose depending on the time of year you visit, the beach would again be changed ! I certainly feel at the moment I would like to be back there but not to be stranded even on an Island ! β›±πŸŒžπŸŒŠ

🌞🌊FEB 15th – MARCH 1st 2020🌊🌞

Donny Osmond πŸ’‹ ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ UK TOUR Jan 21st-Feb 3rd 2017πŸ’‹

Donny here sooon πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸ†’ xx

Today’s the DAY ! 🎡 xx

BIC BOURNEMOUTH taken from Pier 🎢

Well…. it’s the morning after a FANTASTIC Show with the ONE & ONLY DONNY πŸ’‹πŸ’œ, he’s amazing, brilliant, very entertaining as so many fans know πŸ’‹ it was a packed BIC BOURNEMOUTH (on the South Coast) last night. On the morning of the Concert I drove to Bournemouth (only hour away) & was to meet my friend Hilde who I haven’t seen for 35 years from Norway to watch the show. Hilde was out shopping so I walked along the Beach & Pier as the weather had brightened up, actually I wondered if Donny had arrived yet so passed the BIC just incase ! No luck ! Walked back to hotel after I heard from Hilde, lovely seeing her, went for lunch & wondered around shops, on way back passed through the BIC for coffee & yes Donny was in the building, ‘Crazy Horses’ sounding good ! Wanted to sneak in but that was a NO NO ! Time had come to go back to hotel, change & have dinner, we then entered the foyer filled with VERY EXCITED fans ready & waiting for him, ( DONNY STILL DOES IT !), we collected our VIP goody bag, we took our seats, Row C, a fantastic view of the stage, worth paying extra for these seats ! Anytime for him eh….! ( πŸ‘Žthe only frustrating thing on the night were the ‘purple cards’….thought we would ALL get the chance to write on a card but only random cards were given out….VERY disappointing !!!πŸ‘Ž ) Then it was time, OH MY, OH MY, AMAZING, AMAZING, what can you say about Donny performing! ALL NIGHT PLEASE! πŸ’‹πŸ’œ ( did see instructions to use ‘Concert APP’ but Donny was soooo close I couldn’t take my eyes off him, sorry Donny I didn’t use it ! )

Hilde & I were VERY excited….nearly time !

These following photos show what a fantastic evening it was xxxπŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ΅πŸ†’

Lovely items in Goody Bag, wonder who will ‘doggie walk’ with me now with that hat & scarf !! he he !!

DVD recording just been announced, will be brilliant to see Concert again, & again, & again ! **Recorded Birmingham Concert, the last night of Tour**

Thank you Donny for touring the UK, made us all feel young again ! Hopefully see you again VERY soon 🎢🎼🎡xxxx (I’m writing this blog during early hours after Concert, cannot sleep, see what you do Donny !!)

ONE LAST & STRANGE THOUGHT….. my ‘Facebook Memory’ on this Exact same Date 4 years ago at same Place was this:-

NOW that’s another BLOG, maybe have a look…. 🎢🎼🎡xx

ANNOUNCEMENT MADE: Friday JULY 14th DVD release…yes ! Hopefully Donny will be over to UK to promote DVD, not sure if that will happen ?

*** Short TOUR UK again maybe planned 2018 ? start saving NOW ! πŸ’‹***✈✈✈

Goodnight everybody xx

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πŸ’›Day 1 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” 🎢 44 years ago πŸŽΆ

  • Departing Sunday 28th August ⁸20130402_171143


We had green ribbons for our cases, my coach ‘B – purple ribbon for coach ‘C’ !! But my dad asked for purple ribbons for souvenirs ! The plane began to taxi down the runway at 1025 – making it an hour late. We were served drinks first and then about 1230 we were served lunch. Only 2 1/2 hrs to Los Angeles ! We landed at LA International Airport at 135pm LA time. Before leaving an Immigration Officer asked me if I had come to see the Osmonds ! (what a question!). ‘Yes’ I said, ‘we are going to see the Donny & Marie Show’. As we walked towards the entrance along a long passage, comments were heard from people ‘oh they’ve come to see the Osmonds’, how right they were! Nearly everybody stared at our t-shirts with ‘Osmonds Wondertour ’77’ written on them. We then had to wait for our three coaches. We had a few minutes wait, when they arrived Rosie & Angela took care of the cases while Janice & myself obtained seats on our Coach ‘B’, Ron, our courier boarded & we were off. It was all so exciting. We arrived at Holiday Inn at 420pm feeling tired. We waited on our coach for our keys & then entered our room no. 417, 4th floor.



We looked through the TV guide but no sign of Donny & Marie Show ! At around 6pm we were wanted by our couriers to meet downstairs to talk about different things. We were told about going to the Donny & Marie Show on Thursday, Universal Studios & Marine Land. We returned to our rooms & crawled into bed, wrote to mum & dad & started falling asleep, Goodnight everybody !

Photos: Angela Janice, Rosie & Angela Me relaxing ! Our keys !

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💜Day 2 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977”

  • Day 2 Monday 29th August 1977

I awoke at 545am, Angela was already awake. We updated our diaries. It was still dark outside and we knew Donny was out there getting ready to go to the Studio ! We went downstairs for breakfast & then returned to our room for odds & ends for the day. We were going on a tour of Los Angeles, travelling along Sunset Blvd ( not pass KTLA !), Mann’s Chinese Theatre which was lovely.


We saw famous stars handprints & messages in the cement, then on to Hollywood Bowl,


such a big place.


We drove through Little Tokyo (you just cross the street & you can be in another town). We went through China Town, they had just had a festival, flags flying everywhere. Dodger Stadium was very large. The main stop of the day was Farmer’s Market, I bought 2 Donny & Marie posters ! We then returned to our hotel. Angela & I decided with great courage to go to the Studios. We caught bus no. 83 to Fairfax, then no. 89 to Sunset Blvd onto La Brae and no. 42 to KTLA Studios,


it took 2 hours but only 50c to go all the way on a transfer ticket. After arriving we were very excited at the thought of seeing Donny ! BUT he wasn’t in there. We became friends with Aydin at the guardhouse, he was very helpful with the questions we fired at him ! We were so thrilled when he said we could go around Studio 6 which is where Donny & Marie were filming their show ! Many people were queued up for a quiz game. We walked into Studio 6 & there was the ice rink, boy was it great ! Around the back, the boards had ‘D & M’ all over them, then we saw Donny’s white piano, it looked lovely with two silver strips around it. We saw some more sets in other studios. We walked back across the parking lot towards the guardhouse again passing more sets belonging to the show, no pics allowed ! Aydin then said ” Oh look, there’s Jay Osmond “, we couldn’t believe it, it couldn’t be, but it was, I was so stunned I just stood dead still ! Ang ran up & asked if he knew where Donny was ? Jay said he thought he was inside ! Jay looked lovely, his hair was frizzy as before. “Could we take a photo Jay ?” “Yeh, ok “. He stood & faced us & smiled that smile shuffling back every second trying to get away. We found


out why later on, he was there to pick up Marie, we saw them leave in the car, Jay, Marie & Connie (I think). At least we had seen two Osmonds, so we left pleased but not to sure if Donny was inside or not but we decided he would have left with his brother & sister. We caught a different set of buses home down Santa Monica Blvd. A disco was at 830pm, they played some Osmonds but then the machine packed up ! It was taking ages for it to be fixed so Ang & I decided to go upstairs around 10pm. We heard that Ron, our courier, had phoned the local radio station & they played a dedication. We talked & talked about going to see Donny tomorrow. We feel terrible but we cancelled the excursion to ” Magic Mountain ” to go and see Donny ! Goodnight everybody !

Photos: Mann’s Chinese Theatre Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl with Ang, Janice & Rosie

KTLA Studios Jay xx

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💙Day 3 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977”

  • Day 3 Tuesday 30th August 1977

Today we go to “Marineland”. It was a lovely place, about hour’s drive. It seemed a bit misty near Long Beach Waterfront. We spent the morning there seeing the fishes & whales called Orky & CORKY, they were large ! I bought dolphin salt & pepper shakes for mum & dad. On the way back we were dying to go to the studios again ! We arrived there around 430pm but Aydin said we were unable to go in ! Donny and Marie were inside ! What to do now ?! They would be out around 7pm, so we decided to go to Sunset Blvd to a Record Discount store to buy Donny’s new L.P. “Donald Clark Osmond” for $ 4.20.


The pic on the front is too much for words ! We walked back slowly passing time, we went to the guardhouse again but Aydin then told us about 10 mins after we left THEY left !! We were so mad ! Why of all days did they have to leave early. We felt like crying, I really did. We travelled home quietly so annoyed, so near but so far ! We could go in Wednesday according to Aydin but we had “Universal Studios” tour in the afternoon ! Mum & Dad what should I do ? Let’s see what we feel like doing in the morning ! It’s 12.30am Wednesday morning, goodnight everybody !

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🌼🌻Day 4 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977”

  • Day 4 Wednesday 31st August 1977

Boy oh boy, what a morning ! What should we do ?! I felt terrible, it was a big decision, Donny or Universal Studios. Angela became brave and phoned KTLA Studios. We couldn’t get out the info if the Osmonds were in so we couldn’t decide any better, it was suggested phoning Aydin at 4, that would be too late ! We went shopping up the Mall and returned still not having made up our minds. We were to leave at 1245, it was now 1230, getting nearer all the time. We decided we must go to Universal Studios incase Donny was not there ! It was terrible after we boarded the coach. We waited for Ron, our courier, and I mentioned to Ang about the only chance left was to meet Donny tomorrow with all the other girls ! Ang started crying, so did I. We drove away & tape recorder played Donny & Marie singing. Oh boy it made us worse ! Friends asked if we were ok, they thought it was because of the tape. We eventually stopped crying & half hour later we arrived at Universal Studios.


We got onto a tram which took us half way round & looked at few amusements and carried on round site. We went over a bridge that “collapsed”, saw “Jaws”, he came out of the water very close sprouting out water towards us !


We had a walking tour around the Studio, looking at props used in “Bionic Man”, how he lifts large vehicles etc. We saw the different weather effects they use. A Cowboy Stunt Show was good, a real laugh. Three cowboys were fighting and at the end of the show, one cowboy jumped from the top of an inn onto a mattress,


then an Animal Show, a parrot was given a drinks bottle & drank from it as he rolled over & over ! They also had a star dog, using a boy from the audience to perform tricks with him. After this show it was home time, a very enjoyable day. Goodnight everybody !

Photos: Universal Studios Jaws ! Cowboy Show

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💛Day 6 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 6

  • Day 6 Friday 2nd September 1977

Today we left for Las Vegas at 830am arriving at 5pm. The Holiday Inn was very nice & easy to get to as it was situated on Sunset Strip. It was so lovely & hot that we decided to go out to see the lights. They were beautiful, really lovely & bright. We walked for ages past all the hotels, Caesars Palace, Hilton Flamingo, Showboat Holiday Inn.


Photos were taken at Caesars Palace &



Hilton Hotel as this is where the Osmonds perform cabaret each year. We stopped in an Ice Cream Parlour on
our way back & stayed to 11pm talking to Bruce, behind the counter, discussing England & our accents !! He had to keep saying ‘pardon’ as he didn’t understand us ! The Parlour was only one petrol station & one shop away from hotel, so we walked home & went straight to bed very tired ! Goodnight everybody !

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💜Day 7 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 7

  • Day 7 Saturday 3rd September 1977

Today’s the day we go to Hoover Dam for the morning.


It was a great trip, a fascinating place, so large ! We paid to go on the tour around the Dam, we travelled down an elevator into the Dam, if you looked through a grid there was so much water ! We spent the morning there & travelled back to the hotel and decided to go & eat with Bruce at the Ice Cream Parlour & stayed until around 3.30pm. Ang & I went for a walk up Sunset Strip to do some more shopping. We walked even further than the previous evening. We went into the MGM Grand Hotel shops, they were lovely. There were many one-arm bandits around but of course we were not allowed even near the machines ! We eventually turned back passing ‘Circus Circus’ which Jay had advised us to see in ‘Osmonds World’, it was packed.


We went inside & saw some small fair stalls, one of the stalls made badges of yourself & pinned to the board advertising them was Donny on a badge ! Oh, it must have been a fan who asked for a photo ?! Ang asked the lady on the stall & she said he was in ! We caught the bus for 70c for a few stops & walked rest of the way. We stopped for another ice cream. Rosie & Janice phoned us just after we arrived back as we had discussed to visit the hotels that evening, but as it was already 830pm Ang & I thought we would stay in, so Rosie & Janice went out & we would see them in the morning. Goodnight everybody !

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💙Day 8 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 8

  • Day 8 Sunday 4th September 1977

Today we travelled to Salt Lake City Holiday Inn. When we arrived we were greeted with a sign saying “Welcome Osmonds Fan Club” which was great as it could be seen from the main freeway.


We had a takeaway & walked to the shops. We found a record shop selling “Donald Clark Osmond” L.P. which Janice & Rosie bought. Ang & I bought Donny’s single “You’ve got me dangling on a string / I’m sorry (which Donny wrote). We walked back to the hotel around 11pm. Goodnight everybody !

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💚Day 9 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 9

  • Day 9 Monday 5th September 1977

Today we visited the Mormon Temple & new Visitor Centre.


I enjoyed this very much. We stayed behind at 1130am as we had a choice to walk back to the hotel (only half hour) or coach back now. We had not seen all the films so we carried on. The films were very interesting, I bought the Book of Mormon for $1 as it was a softback & looked different from my hardback & also I could say that I bought it at the Centre. A man talked about the different temples around the World, we talked to him about visiting Salt Lake and he invited us to go with himself, his wife & daughter for a ride up to the mountains on the edge of Salt Lake which was very nice of him. He arranged to pick us up at 7pm that evening. We left the Visitors Centre & walked back returning around 5pm. We were told about a film slide show that had been arranged for all of us & pics were of the Osmonds. We tried to contact our friend but he had gone home so we phoned his home & left a message, we hoped he would go home before coming to see us ! We ordered a takeaway again, while waiting with Janice, Ang & Rosie talked with our friend who arrived in the meantime outside. After collecting our order we went upstairs to eat. Ang & Rosie came up after a while saying that they didn’t mind at all about wanting to stay in. We arranged to contact the Visitor Centre when we have a free evening which was a great idea. The film show was great, rare photos of the Family, some of the Las Vegas Show this year & rare pics of Travis, Michael & Amy. During the film show, Donny’s book, Donny & Marie Tiger Beat Mag, Donny & Marie Book were being passed around, we knew we now had to find them when shopping next ! The end came of a nice day. Goodnight everybody !

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💗Day 10 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 10

  • Day 10 Tuesday 6th September 1977

Today, we travelled to Provo approx 30 miles away. We turned into Canyon Road and passing Riviera Apartments




passing a few blocks and Brigham Young Campus was to our right. We entered BYU and attended Assembly as it was their first day back for a new term. After all the speeches were made we left & boarded our coaches. We were taken on a short tour of Provo passing the Provo Temple


then up the hill to look at a view of the BYU Campus. It was large ! We were to have lunch on campus. Eventually we had our lunch, the waitress asked if I had any relatives in California as I looked like someone she knew ! We met back at our coaches at 230pm & then went to Bridal Veils which was lovely. It was so hot that the shop nearly run out of drinks ! The next stop was Sundance, Robert Redford’s place.




He was around somewhere but we didn’t see him ! Shame ! It was beautiful there. We then moved on to Orem, just past Provo, to see the Osmonds Fan Club. It was a “very out of the way” place, so peaceful. Mrs Osmond, Virl, Jimmy and Grandma Davis were there, they were lovely.



Presents were given to Mrs Osmond to pass onto the rest of the family. We ordered items from the Fan Club, I bought Marie’s set of ‘cleanser, rinse & masque’, the concert book and Donny’s book “Voices from the Dusk”, at long last I have it ! It was extra special as it was signed inside. We then boarded the coaches after Mrs Osmond & Grandma Davis left together. Ron, our courier, then came on the coach & told us there was a surprise back inside, it was fan club posters, cards etc. We boarded again feeling very pleased & happy. We had done well today ! The next stop was just up the road to the new Osmond Studios,


they looked so large. We had seen the plan of the Studio at the Fan Club & Ron described to us the inside & future plans, Merrill is working on the idea of having a Fun (Fair) Ground next to the Studios, calling it “The Land of Os”, sounds great. On the way home we stopped outside Riviera Apartments & right there was Donny’s car !


Cameras clicked like mad from inside the coach because we were not allowed outside ! I wonder why ! It was then back to the Holiday Inn. A great day. Goodnight everybody !

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🎶🎼My Special Osmond Autographs from 1977 💕

After finding my Audio Cassette Recording during my loft clearout ( that’s another blog, make sure you have a listen), I came across my autograph book from way back too ! In it are some very special entries from 1977 🎹🎼🎢🎀









Dated this one from Maureen back in ’76 x

So very special to have these xx 🎼🎢🎀

Goodnight Everybody x

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💛Day 11 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 11

  • Day 11 Wednesday 7th September 1977

Today there was an optional excursion to Copper Mine. We decided not to go but to go back to Salt Lake & ZCMI to buy a Donny & Marie L.P. case for $ 6.50. We left around 11am & bought most of our presents in ZCMI, we returned around 5pm ordering another takeaway ! We sat to watch Donny & Marie on a Magic Show, the magician went into a box & Marie put the saw through with some help & when she opened the box, Donny came out ! He looked great ! Donny then sang his new single “You’ve got me dangling on a String “. It was the first time we had heard it. Donny & Marie didn’t come on anymore, so we all got ready to go to the disco downstairs. Donny’s single was played twice & “I’m Sorry” of his new L.P. The lady behind the bar said I looked like someone (again) !! The disco was good fun especially ‘Choir Time’. We sang with coach ‘C’ in front of the others, it was a laugh with Ron & Davy conducting us ! Ended a nice day. Goodnight everybody !

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💜Day 12 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 12

  • Day 12 Thursday 8th September 1977

One week ago today I met Donny ! Today we travel to the Ranch in Avon Country, quite a way out. We paid $ 14.00 which was to include buffet lunch at the Ranch. We passed through Ogden & stopped at the temple for a few minutes. It was beautiful inside, a man told us about the Book of Mormon & when the Osmonds visited the Temple. He asked Keith if we were going to their old house and told us where it was, we did stop outside


& Ron cracked a joke about Donny, when he was born he had to sleep in the mail box outside because there were so many of them !! We travelled for ages & eventually arrived at the Ranch. It was still being built in parts, the Osmonds own a lot of land around the Ranch. We saw Marie’s horse, George


& Mr. Osmond’s brown horse. Kittens were also roaming around, you could tell they were used to people as they came to you straight away. We walked through a field & over a small plank across a small river


to a large field which was were they had laid on a great barbecue for us. We cooked our own hot dogs over the fire & had potato salad, crisps to go with it. Then it was marshmallow time ! We were told to be back at the coach around 3pm, so we walked to the stream, it was so peaceful. Rosie & I walked back over the plank to see the horses, the 6 kittens appeared again. During the walk, Ang & I picked up a stone as a memory !! Before leaving Ron Clark came on to say goodbye. His words were so touching that it made myself & many others cry. We left feeling sad but happy after a great day. Goodnight everybody !

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💙Day 13 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 13

  • Day 13 Friday 9th September 1977

Today a really long journey south-westerly via Vegas to Anaheim, Los Angeles, Disneyland area. We left at 6am, arriving in Anaheim’s Holiday Inn at 1030pm after 3 stops. Ron arranged Bingo & luck hit my cards, I won Donny’s book “Donny” which I haven’t got & some more Fan Club postcards. Everyone was trying to win the next copy of the book, I had one number left & told Ang if it came up she could go up for prize, it did & she did ! for her copy of the book ! A fun day. Goodnight everybody !

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💚Day 14 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 14

  • Day 14 Saturday 10th September 1977

Today Angela’s penpal Marie came to visit & kindly took us around Disneyland,


we left around 11am. It was about one block away so we walked. It was great fun, we had to wait for the rides but they were worth the wait, really fast some of them.


I bought a Mickey Mouse for $ 7.50, he is so cute ! Marie was very nice, she knows the Osmond Family as she grew up in Provo & moved to La Palma but moving back to Provo (don’t blame her) !



She mentioned that Donny was at a disco in Westwood that evening, should we go ? We left Disneyland at 9pm & back at the hotel we phoned taxis & it was $30 to Westwood so we forgot that idea ! Marie had arranged a lift at 130am so we looked through photos, Marie offered to take us to the Westwood Church next day but we couldnt go as we were leaving at 12noon & not sure what time we would be back !


Marie left at 130 & by 3am Ang & I put the light out ! Goodnight everybody !

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💗Day 15 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 15

  • Day 15 Sunday 11th September 197720130422_095853

Today we go home ! I felt happy & sad. We left at 12noon to L.A. Airport, we arrived & waited but Ron appeared & said our flight had been cancelled for 24 hours ! We were worried that parents would be waiting at Gatwick London, the only thing was to phone. We had been given alternative acommodation I’m pleased to say. We stayed in Airport Park & given allowance for food, which was good. We went to our rooms & watched TV for a while, a disco was arranged for the evening after having a buffet style dinner. The disco finished at 115am, back to our room & fell asleep. Goodnight everybody !

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💛Day 16 My Day to Day Diary of “THE OSMONDS FAN CLUB WONDERTOUR TO USA 1977” Day 16

  • Day 16 Monday 12th September 1977

Today we were to leave for LA International Airport again. We checked in ok & waited to board the plane at 3pm & left USA at 345pm (boo hoo), arriving UK at 945pm (hopefully). Goodnight everybody !

πŸ’‹BLOG set up in 2013….’So this is where my Diary ends…. I decided I would love to share so set up my Blogs…..so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them……it made me laugh at all the ‘EXACT DETAILS’ I wrote about but being Age 17 at the time it was a ‘Very Special’ trip & meant the ‘World’ to me, I have left out some details on Day 5 Blog as I wrote pages & pages & pages on this special day, BUT I’m pleased I wrote the Diary as it’s been great fun blogging it. Would I do the trip all over again ? Definitely a BIG BIG YES x ‘πŸ’‹


Goodnight everybody !

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🌷’My Very Special Leaving Do’ before moving Home (Donny was invited too !)🌷June 3rd 2017 @ Red Lion Hotel Basingstoke πŸŒ·

🌷I had a VERY SPECIAL DAY today & Donny was invited too!! ‘Afternoon Tea’ was a lovely special treat as I was leaving Willowdene Nursery School after 22 years, off & on ! The girls know my madness about Donny….!!

Had fantastic surprises all afternoon including you know who..!!

Brilliant, LOVE IT ! Soooo thoughtful !πŸ’‹ Even took him outside for a while ! πŸ˜‰

It was a lovely ‘Afternoon Tea’, more wonderful presents, thank you girls, Will miss you all xx🌷🌻🌼xx

Having a laugh tonight with Donny, he’s stood in our lounge & keep catching him stood there, forgot he’s there ! hehe ! 🌷

** THEN THIS HAPPENED …!! What can you say to that ! πŸ†’πŸ˜‰xx

Ended this Blog VERY NICELY THANK YOU x πŸ’œ http://www.tinamckenzie.blog

Donny in London for the week Oct 6 – 12th 2014

Exciting times, Donny here in the UK all week, promoting his new 60th Album due out November 10th ! Donny had let us know these dates & which shows beforehand so alot of booking tickets then happened ! SRO Audiences was the company I contacted and received e-tickets for ‘Loose Women – Donny Sings’ (not sure what this one was about). Also received priority tickets for ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ for Wednesday 8th but eventually found out Donny was to be interviewed on Tuesday so a friend had spare tickets for that day, thank you Tina so much for them !


Donny had a very busy schedule for the whole week, starting with presenting an award at ‘Pride of Britain’ on the Monday evening, radio interviews, interview with Fern Britton to be aired November 30th BBC 10am, (see my next blog about this one, I was interviewed ! ) ‘Loose Women’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ & a special guest judge on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ & I’ve not included everything ! Wow, all in ONE week Donny !!

I had booked Tuesday off for ‘Alan T’ & then I got e-tickets through for Wed’s ‘Donny Sings’ so had to ask nicely for extra day off work ! So Donny here I come ! Daughter Katherine coming with me, both days, isn’t she good x

We arrived on Tuesday at ITV Studios on South Bank around 11am to queue for ‘Alan T’, not due in until after 2pm but hey, it’s for Donny !! It was a very cold day but time went quickly, we went in & had fantastic seats, 2nd row, end seats in middle aisle, what a view I had of seats where Donny would be interviewed later, no one in MY way ! We watched 2 shows of ‘Alan T’ & then it was time for interview & he was singing too, well that was a fantastic surprise x Donny sat waiting to start, he said we were too quiet ! What a view I had, dreamy few minutes for me, gorgeous or what ! Interview went well & song was fantastic ‘Could She Be Mine’ from new Album, oh dear Donny had to do it twice, as many times as he likes as far as I’m concerned ! But the time had come for him to leave, he shook my hand, mmm nice x




Next day ‘Donny Sings’ was to be recorded as an extra for ‘Loose Woman’ to be aired October 15th. Katherine and Lucy joined me to watch. There was confusion about this show as we queued from 11am to around 3.30pm, we should have gone in before 3pm, but we did go in eventually, Donny came in to the Studio, sang lovely ‘Ben’ again from new Album, dreamy singing again but Donny then said goodbye ! So one song & that was all, oh dear 4 hours queued & saw Donny for 5 minutes ! Can’t complain as in the same room as Donny but a bit longer would have been good ! Donny appeared on ‘The One Show’ later that evening, great show Donny x


Guess who was in this car !! X

What a couple of days, I was exhausted! Friday included ‘Strictly’ rehearsals at Elstree Studios ready for Saturday’s live show. Donny appeared on ‘Strictly It Takes Two’ discussing what sort of judge he will be at the weekend. Saturdays’ show was a treat with Donny as a special judge, he knows what he’s talking about, wish he was on EVERY week ! πŸ‘πŸ’‹
Sundays’ show was great with Donny singing ‘Moon River’, dreamy Donny x

Loose Women shown Wed 15 October,

Alan Titchmarsh to be shown Mon 10 November, Donny in UK CD signing @HMVManchester this day,
HMV Oxford Street Wed 12 November.

Goodnight Everybody !

@donnyosmond @tinamckenzie

🎢THE OSMONDS with Showband JUMP at THE ANVIL, Basingstoke UK 24 SEPT 2013🎢

Tuesday 24th September 2013

The day had come, I could not believe that The Osmonds were coming to my town Basingstoke, it’s a town in Hampshire, UK on south coast.



There are many words to describe a fantastic evening watching the Osmonds perform on stage but I shall just say WOW, WOW, WOW ! They performed songs from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, Stevie Wonder songs & song dedications to Andy Williams.

I had bought 5 tickets for my girlfriends in good seats, Angela, June, Debbie & Helen, nice & close to the stage !

They were very pleased with the seats which was great, close enough to maybe get on stage, only joking!!



First on was musical showband JUMP featuring Emily Penny,

they were great performers and very funny too ! Then we had an interval and back to our seats and time for The Osmonds ! WOW, there I go again but they were fantastic, I couldn’t sit down and danced & sang all night to all the favourites ! I could have stayed all night listening to them if they had offered ! They are & always have been a class act and I hope they are back again soon.

Merrill, Jay & Jimmy, thank you for touring the UK and making many ladies feel young again !! Come back soon xx

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💕Donny Osmond Guest Celebrity on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’

Saturday 29th June 2013 – The last two weeks have been exciting here in UK as Donny, Debbie & Joshua have been visiting, Donny’s twitter page has been quiet during this time but hey, they deserve a break ! Donny did post a lovely photo of Debbie & himself in Regent Street, London but also informed us of a new show starting that week which he would be ‘Celebrity Guest’ on the Judging panel, called ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’, at Elstree Studios. I check a website called SRO Audiences often (especially when any Osmonds are here) to check certain shows that they may appear on, ‘Loose Women’ being one of them ! I thought I would check this new programme & if it was on the website & yes it was, so I applied for tickets & hoped for the best ! The next day Donny tweeted the same website address as fans had been asking where to get tickets, I was quite chuffed I had already applied ! The choice of tickets were for Wednesday evening, a pilot show not to be aired & Saturday evening, a live show, both evenings Donny would be present ! I was very pleased to get my tickets for Saturday & I let everyone know I had some ! I thought Andy would enjoy the show so he decided to come (he does put up with a lot from me !) & I invited Angela & her daughter Eloise came too.

Saturday came, I arranged to meet Angela & Eloise there, but whoever got there first to get in the queue as we had ‘Priority Tickets’ so I wasn’t sure if that meant we had to be there early or we would get in anyway, confusing !! Could not chance NOT getting in with Donny in the building !! Everything was good getting in ( just a slight annoying issue just before going in with a mix up of blue & red wristbands ! ) but we were in ! Warm Up man Andy entertained us & introduced the


judges, Emma Bunton, Julian Clary & Donny ! He received a massive cheer, a lot of the audience were there to see only him, oh & maybe the show ! Donny took photos of the audience & published them on his facebook later, which included hubby Andy, you cannot see me ! Well done Andy, your claim to fame & link to Donny ! See what I mean about him putting up with me !

The show went well for the hour, Donny made Cheryl Ferguson’s day by hugging her, she couldn’t speak ! The show finished & Donny spoke, thanking us for the reception he received, ( I was so hoping for a song ) it was time to go for all of us, what an evening, just to be in the same room as Donny is so special X. Thank you Donny, it was great to be at the show & the opportunity to see you again, see you again soon xx

Goodnight Everybody !




www.donny.com @donnyosmond @tinamckenzie

🎢Donny’s Autobiography ‘Life is Just What You Make It’ 2005 πŸ“šπŸ““πŸ“–

The place is Waterstones Guildford UK, needed to get there that evening, Donny was signing his new book ‘Life is Just What You Make It‘. Arrived with friend Debbie & of course had to queue, it went up two floors and outside, everyone was passing & asked who was inside ! πŸ€”We queued for a while, got to the steps below floor Donny was on, about 6 people in front of us and then told Donny had to leave !πŸ˜‚ WHAT, how was that happening ! We hovered for ages, no sign of him coming downstairs, the shop Manager said Donny would sign some copies of his book so leave your address & will post a copy to us πŸ˜₯ not quite the same is it, but oh well sure Donny didn’t want to go but maybe it was important he had to leave !πŸ™ Maybe saw me coming & thought best go !! Only joking !! Did catch him going into his car, very quickly !πŸ˜–
So disappointed, so close yet so far but Donny doesn’t like to upset his fans so there must have been a reason, maybe ask him ONE DAY ! πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’• xx




And here it is, YES !! πŸ˜˜πŸ“šπŸ““Goodnight Everybody xx

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💜Donny On Tour 2004 @ Broadlands Hampshire UK, an Outdoors Concert X

Sunday 18th July 2004 Exciting day happening, Donny at Broadlands Hampshire UK, an Outdoors Concert ! WOW, that’s a different idea, sooo looking forward to this. πŸ’œ

Going with best friend Jackie & daughter Katherine, aged 13, took our picnic & chairs ! 🌞
Got there nice & early, found our good spot & enjoyed the atmosphere, lots of fans enjoyed themselves, certainly felt different being outside.


Guest singers on to start, which is great, but when would lovely, gorgeous Donny be on! Then he was ON ! I don’t have to say what Donny was like, we all know don’t we ! πŸ’œ xxx

As the sun set 🌞 it was fantastic to be in such an atmosphere, under the stars in such wonderful, dreamy company 🌟🌟🌟 mmm niice xxx

Buy Donny’s DVD ‘Live at Edinburgh Castle’ to get the same atmosphere x Got mine signed at HMV, see blog all about it ! πŸ’œπŸŽ€πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸ’œ Click here to read all about it…..



Goodnight Everybody ! XX

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🎀Donny at HMV London 2004

Donny was in London 2004, he was making an appearance at HMV Oxford St. singing & signing autographs.
Going back to evening before, I had planned for all of the family to visit London as a day out as the kids on ‘Inset Day’ (school closed for day) & it wasn’t until after the plans did I know that Donny was to be at HMV, to this day my kids still do not believe me & say I planned the trip well ! I promise this was not the case, but no regrets as I met Donny !
We arrived in London early, walked into HMV & no one about, where were the fans ? I asked someone & told they were queued around the building tucked away and they were just coming in & I should join the Section A queue which was coming in now, WOW that was lucky ! My girls joined me but Andy & James watched from afar & the big screen !
Donny performed, amazing as always, then it was time to go on the stage and meet him, Abbie had my photo with Donny from 1977 Tour with her to get signed for me, ‘is that your mom’ he asked & I had DVD ‘Live from Edinburgh Castle’ signed.


Donny was not to stop for photos so unfortunately didn’t get one of those ! A fab time, all happened in less than an hour but what a great experience🎀 Thanks Donny xx



Goodnight Everybody x
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🎼🎀Donny on Tour 2003 ‘Somewhere In Time’🎢

Friday 14th March 2003 πŸ’œDonny was in the UK touring & that included the BIC Bournemouth, on the South Coast, during his ‘Somewhere In Time’ Tour, of course I bought tickets & the family were coming too !


We decided to stay overnight in Bournemouth, in walking distance of the BIC. Remember being very excited on the day, checking in to our B&B, we went for an early walk, calling into the BIC for a drink, I wonder why !! & yes Donny was rehearsing behind closed doors of course ! Even the escalators were closed stopping you wandering the building, what did they think would happen !! Anyway, that was a treat, had to leave eventually & back to get ready for later !
Evening arrived, walked down the hill to the BIC, exciting to be in same building as Donny again! #HeMakesMeGoAllFunny!


πŸ’œπŸŽ΅πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸ’ž The funny part of the evening was as we were sitting in our seats at the start I recognised a familiar voice a few seats along my row & it was one of my best friends, Angela, what a surprise to be sitting so close & not seen each other for quite awhile ! (Read about our ‘Osmonds Wondertour’ trip together in my other Blogs x)


Need I say how terrific, fantastic, with a great atmosphere with sooo much screaming, the show was BRILLIANT ( as always) ! Donny, I have to say I could listen & watch you all night, every night ! X I’m not sure how but youngest daughter, aged 4, fell asleep, oh dear !




Photos quite a distance, had to take from screens !

I’m sure the family enjoyed it, hope so, it was great they came along, I know they think I’m mad (& still do!) but when you enjoy yourself & having a FAB TIME it must be a good thing eh !

Goodnight Everybody xx🌷

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