🕺💃Trip to Las Vegas October 14th-18th October 2019🕺💃 FANTASTIC !



This trip was to CELEBRATE Donny & Marie’s 11 YEARS at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.  They are ending their Shows in November so a trip was planned before that happens !   VERY EXCITING !👍


                                              🕺💃 Found this poster !💃🕺

                                    Congratulations Donny & Marie XX💃🕺
                                            Breakfast at the Flamingo

                                 Had to wear my ‘Osmond & Co’ T-shirt in Vegas ! 
                         💃🕺 Then there were three at Madame Tussauds ! 🕺💃
                                                            What can I say !🕺🕺
                                         💃🕺 Sooo Cool Donny & Marie 🕺💃
                                             💃🕺 A ‘Very Special Place’ 🕺💃

🕺💃 Let the Show BEGIN !….💃🕺💃🕺💃

Programme / streamers I collected from the floor after the Show !🕺💃🕺

WOW, What a BRILLIANT Time I had XX


                                                🕺💃HAD to be said XX🕺💃


Donny’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Outfit with the Winning Trophy, Well Done Donny

Marie’s ‘Dancing With The Stars Outfit’ reaching 3rd Place,  Well Done Marie                                 20191016_145747.jpg                                    
   Leaving the Airport & Deep Purple‘ playing, know you LOVE it Donny !!

                                 BYE BYE Donny and Marie,  LOVED IT ALL xxx                                                                    Looking forward to your new Projects  xxx

                                                  Goodnight Everybody XXX

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👠Marie’s LIVE Q&A on Facebook Sept 2014

I would like to start this blog by thanking Marie for giving her fans her time to answer questions sent through to her via Flamingo’s facebook page, she’s a very busy lady xx
Tuesday 2nd September 2014 10.30PM UK Time, was the day & as hundreds of questions flooded in, I’m not sure how Marie coped with them but it was a very busy facebook page !  At one moment I did wonder where were the replies but then I started seeing them coming through & yes I got a reply too, well chuffed ! 💋


I had to tweet Marie & thank her for her time & reply, she favorited it ! 💋

Another FUN time had by all,  the Family keep us smiling with everything they do xx💋

Goodnight everybody ! 💋

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