🕺💃Trip to Las Vegas October 14th-18th October 2019🕺💃 FANTASTIC !



This trip was to CELEBRATE Donny & Marie’s 11 YEARS at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.  They are ending their Shows in November so a trip was planned before that happens !   VERY EXCITING !👍


                                              🕺💃 Found this poster !💃🕺

                                    Congratulations Donny & Marie XX💃🕺
                                            Breakfast at the Flamingo

                                 Had to wear my ‘Osmond & Co’ T-shirt in Vegas ! 
                         💃🕺 Then there were three at Madame Tussauds ! 🕺💃
                                                            What can I say !🕺🕺
                                         💃🕺 Sooo Cool Donny & Marie 🕺💃
                                             💃🕺 A ‘Very Special Place’ 🕺💃

🕺💃 Let the Show BEGIN !….💃🕺💃🕺💃

Programme / streamers I collected from the floor after the Show !🕺💃🕺

WOW, What a BRILLIANT Time I had XX


                                                🕺💃HAD to be said XX🕺💃


Donny’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Outfit with the Winning Trophy, Well Done Donny

Marie’s ‘Dancing With The Stars Outfit’ reaching 3rd Place,  Well Done Marie                                 20191016_145747.jpg                                    
   Leaving the Airport & Deep Purple‘ playing, know you LOVE it Donny !!

                                 BYE BYE Donny and Marie,  LOVED IT ALL xxx                                                                    Looking forward to your new Projects  xxx

                                                  Goodnight Everybody XXX

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Fun Keepsakes from 42 YEARS ago on ‘Osmonds Fan Club Wondertour 1977’ 🎶🎵🎼

I would always send postcards, collect tickets, brochures etc when on holidays when I was young so maybe that’s why on my FAB trip to the USA in 1977 I kept EVERY item to save forever ! It’s all in ‘My Scrapbook’, which is still in one piece after so long ! 👍

Flight & seat tickets, baggage labels (look how VERY special they are !), travellers cheques receipts all saved 😉 Exciting times coming !

All important Information details given for the trip 💋

Sharing a room with Angela, this is our Key Envelope for Holiday Inn, Santa Monica 🎶

Excursions all very well planned 🎵

Salt Lake City postcards & Souvenir Guides bought 🎼

🎼🎵🎶A BRILLIANT Holiday🎶🎵🎼 Now 42 YEARS later I’m going to the USA again to see Donny & Marie perform in Las Vegas staying at The Flamingo in OCTOBER as Show is coming to an end in November after 11 Years🆒️ Look out Donny & Marie !! XX

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💋💜It’s Happened…..Donny & Marie Officially Announce that they are to finish at ‘The Flamingo’ after 11 Years (21/3/2019)


Donny & Marie have performed for 11 Years at The Flamingo and yesterday they officially announced they are to close the Show on November 16th 😂😘 I have now BOOKED to see the Show for the first time in OCTOBER staying at The Flamingo & hopefully bump into Donny & Marie in the lift or somewhere as we’ll be in the same building during my week stay !! Can only hope but I will make all efforts to make it happen ! Poor Donny & Marie X

Check out @GMA’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/GMA/status/1108712347747532801?s=09 with @PaulaFaris
It will be a VERY sad day but OH BOY what a Show it will be…….Yeah Baby !
We will ALWAYS be there with them wherever & whatever their new Projects involve because they’re SO Special XX 💋💜😘😉💋💜

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Donny Concert App 😉🎶

A ‘MUST HAVE’ new App to download, but what’s it all about, only Donny knows! 🆒 Everyone attending his Concerts over the next 2 weeks here in the UK for ‘THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE TOUR’ should be downloading this App ready to use during his exciting performance & that’s all I know, so let’s see what happens when I go to the BIC BOURNEMOUTH on WED 25th JANUARY, I’m counting the days now ! That night will be BLOG No. 53, so will be writing about an exciting experience with this APP ! Thanks Donny ! 🆒👍XX 🎶🎼🎵

Goodnight Everybody X

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DONNY’s in LONDON 26th May 2014 for the week 💋

Fantastic news tonight that DONNY is here in LONDON for the week, yippee 💋💗🌹😄x My plans already made before this news came through this evening are to visit London tomorrow as my daughter Abbie & friend are going to Katy Perry Concert at the O2 in the evening so guess who I will be on the lookout for ALL day ! I am sending tweets through during this evening to hopefully find out where he will be, will Donny let us know, I can only try !! Maybe I will go back to London on Thursday / Friday as I have days off this week due to school half term, good timing Donny, thank you ! So a follow-up blog will happen if I find him ! 😄🌹 Goodnight Everybody! xx

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