๐ŸŽคDONNY in UK week of 10th Nov 2014 to promote new CD ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ ๐Ÿ’‹

Well yet again Donny has been sooo busy this week, he doesn’t stop ! The week started with Twitter & he was on his way to promote his new CD ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ released on the Monday he was arriving.


Monday 10th November was a busy day, the pre-recorded ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ I watched was to be shown today on ITV, Donny gave an interview & sang new single ‘Could She Be Mine’ (see my other blogs for photos), Donny was off to HMV Manchester for CD signing around 530pm.wpid-img_20141111_143305.jpg

Thank you HMV for permission to use photo X

Tuesday 11th November it was a nice surprise via Twitter, Donny was appearing on BBC Breakfast programme, great interview, that made it a good day !image


Thank you to Louise for permission to use photos x

Wednesday 12th November was HMV Oxford Street’s turn for a visit & more CD signing.image




mmm nice photos Donny, dreamy xx

Thank you HMV for permission to use photos.

Friday 14th November was Emma Freud’s turn with Donny for a Radio 4 Interview, broadcast Saturday 15th 6.15pm, she tweeted a countdown as she was so excited !image



Thank you to Emma for permission to use her photos x

Friday was also ‘Children In Need’ on BBC, to raise money to help change the lives of disabled children & young people in the UK (total raised at this time over ยฃ32million, WOW), Donny appeared in the ‘Queen Vic’ pub ( this is a fictional pub in a TV show called ‘Eastenders’ shown each evening on BBC ! ) and then came the beautiful song ‘Don’t Give Up’ singing with Laura Wright, it was amazing guys, have a look on YouTube everyone x

Saturday 15th November was an early start to appear on ‘Saturday Kitchen Live’, where guests talk about their career, helping & watching James Martin & guest chefs cooking meals and callers to Show picking ‘food heaven’ or ‘food hell’ to be cooked later.
It was a brilliant, funny & relaxed show.

At this time I’m waiting to watch ‘The National Lottery’ tonight with Gaby Roslin who is also very excited ! Donny will be singing his new single & pressing the ‘button’ for those winning balls to be released & I’m going to win !!! I want to be able to thank Donny personally for my win ! (I wish, but you never know!)

On Tuesday 18th November 9am Donny will be on QVC UK talking about his CD (pre-recorded). Brilliant Jackie x Jackie Kabler interview with Donny x

Well that’s a lot in a week Donny & I know I haven’t covered everything but this is a taster of the week, Thank you so much Donny for coming here again, we all have an amazing time when you’re here, I’m just glad you do not live here, it would be impossible to function !!

Happy 50th Year in the business Donny, look forward to seeing you here again soon ! TOUR TIME ?!!

Goodnight Everybody ! Enjoy reading xxx    www.tinamckenzie.blog

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