Remembering the Vinyl LP days !!

I remembered they were up there but 2 days ago they came out of the loft ! I’m talking about vinyl LP’s I bought way back ! My daughter wanted them all out of the loft to play on her new player, time has gone right back to the 70’s. Of course all my LP’s are all Osmond related, I do go way back with this


lovely family, have a read of my other blogs !! I discovered something though, I had 2 copies of ‘Donny & Marie’ Deep Purple LP featuring songs from their television show, but why 2 copies, couldn’t remember,


but looking inside the sleeve I found this letter from ipc magazines, then I remembered, to be honest what the competition was about not sure but that’s ok, just glad I saved the letter, but LP was released around 1976.


Look at what I found recently in a Charity Music Shop, Marie’s LP for 99p ! As you see from a previous blog I have a few Osmond vinyls but not this one. I was lucky to find inside details of ‘The Osmonds Fan Club’ & how to join, oh sooo long ago when we all joined that !


I have let Marie know & she ‘favorited’ it on Twitter ! So I have a new challenge when I go shopping, to pop into any Vinyl Shops (more & more are popping up) and try to add to my Osmond Collection, how many will I find I wonder. I have my daughter’s record player to try them on (sure she will not mind ! ) & I can then put them all on my phone to listen to, oh happy days !!


I’ve been away to Bournemouth for the weekend & guess what I found, more Osmond vinyls, the shop had quite a few at Β£1 each ! Couple of them I originally had on cassette so thought I’d get them on vinyl too ! I’ve started listening to them on my daughter’s player & they sound great, just need to transfer them onto my phone next, yippee x Anyone else found any vinyls out there, it’s interesting searching for Vinyl shops & then pot luck as to what they have, good fun, I’ll keep looking x


It’s been great looking back at my vinyl’s, great to keep & play again in years to come ! x

Goodnight Everybody ! @donnyosmond @marieosmond @tinamckenzie