Osmond & Co. New Clothing Boutique launched…..

Have a look at a new fabulous Clothing Boutique ‘Osmond & Co.‘   I’ve just bought my first item, a black t-shirt which is so cool with ‘ Osmond & Co ‘ written on the front & at $20 ( ยฃ 16 ) is good value for money. Ok have to add $10 on for delivery to the UK but still good value. I will update blog when it has arrived & how long it takes, just for anyone who would like to know those details ! Hope this new venture is very successful for the Ladies & I will return to the site OFTEN !

IT’s here, IT’s here ! Yes arrived Wed 3rd July, posted out on 20th June, but I did have to collect it from the Post Office today as unfortunately it had a VAT Customs Charge & Post Office Charge to pay on it ! Bit of a shame getting stopped by Customs, another time it may not be, oh well, just makes the t-shirt more expensive. So just be aware these charges may be added on OR not ! Still very pleased with the T-shirt, it will be the first item packed in the suitcase bound for Vegas in October ! ๐Ÿ˜˜xx


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